Anahi dating

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Anahi dating

In 2007, Von Uckermann had a brief relationship with bandmate Anahí.

Then in 2011, rumors circled that he had more than a platonic relationship with Dulce María.

Anahí uploaded photos to Twitter of the old band mates catching up and still looking flawless after all these years.

Damian was also in the house to be a part of the reunion.

In 2009, she released the album Mi Delirio, which sold a million copies worldwide.

She has an older sister: Diana Puente, an actress and television personality Marichelo Puente (born 1978).

"We share with all of you the happiest moment of our lives," the 31-year-old actress shared on Instagram.

Velasco also tweeted the same photo of both of them inside the cathedral with their foreheads touching each other at the altar.

The group went on to be a worldwide success between 20.

She is married to Mexican Governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello.

She is best known for starring in Alondra (1995), Mujeres Engañadas (1999), Primer Amor (2000), Clase 406 (2003), Rebelde (2004), RBD: La Familia (2007) and Dos Hogares (2011).

In 2001, Anahí was cast as the fourteen-year-old Jovanna Luna in Primer Amor, alongside Kuno Becker, Ana Layevska, and Mauricio Islas.

And all of her clips of Dawson's Creek were with Josh and it was so weird. I had to call him and he was like, 'Don't watch it!

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