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His line of concertinas was slightly lower end in construction.This is a 46 key Duet version of the English concertina for which you have to learn different fingering positions.I have since been buying up L90s and L 59 s with Factory bigsbys fitted.I just can't get enough of them and to me they feel incredible and the stock Kent Armstrongs are very close to my real 69 Gibson Goldtop.I too have been interested on finding some information about the guitar. La guitarra esta espectacular, funcciona perfectamente... la puse en venta , y de repente me asaltaron los telefons. ad Id=104874924 I have a Contessa HG-05 nylon string made in Italy, Ser. Because it has position dots on fretboard, a truss rod and the heel shape of a steel string guitar, it's not a true classical guitar shape, though the neck width, head stock bridge and and tuners fit the classical guitar mold.

Terry I Have the Contessa HG 06 it is a 6 steel string acoustic guitar. I would be interested in any information you can find. I received a Contessa Guitar from my grandfather who had owned it for Iam guessing quiet a few years. If anyone has any information about the guitar I would very much appreciate it if you would contact me. Yo tengo tambien una guitarra Contessa HG 0I, la compre hace 6 meses.A friend of mine just got a 3/4 Contessa, model number Hg-05 and serial number 11756. Hohner, and it's a classical acoustic, briged for nylons. : I have a Contessa model HG-01 Serial number 5690, I too would like to find information about this guitar. I purchased it at the time because it played so well, and now better than ever.I'm trying to find some information on it for him, but I haven't found much... Outside of that I have not been able to find any info on these guitars. on the inside label it says Hicksville, NY * Palo Alto Calif .This instrument has mahogany ends which were the most common in 19th century concertinas.The fretwork is not ornamental; it provides the holes from which the sound from the reeds is carried out of the instrument.

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They retailed for around £490 (Custom)- I don't know if the other's were slightly cheaper.