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Tampering With a Witness A person is guilty of Tampering with a Witness if they attempt to induce a witness or person whom is called as a witness in any official proceeding to (1) testify falsely or, without right or privilege to do so, to withhold any testimony; or (2) absent themselves from such proceedings.

Each instance of an attempt to tamper with a witness constitutes a separate offense.

Witness tampering is the act of attempting to alter or prevent the testimony of witnesses within criminal or civil proceedings.

(D) Whoever violates this section is guilty of intimidation of an attorney, victim, or witness in a criminal case.

There is no requirement that the intended obstruction of justice be completed.

In situations where intimidation or retaliation against witnesses is likely (such as cases involving organized crime), witnesses may be placed in witness protection to prevent suspects or their colleagues from intimidating of harming them.

Tampering with a Witness is a Class C felony punishable up to 5 years prison and a ,000.00 fine.

Intimidating a Witness A person is guilty of intimidating a witness if a person, by use of a threat against a current or prospective witness, attempts to: (1) influence the testimony of that person; (2) induce that person to elude legal process summoning him or her to testify; or (3) induce that person to absent himself or herself from such proceedings.

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The constitution requires the prosecution to prove a true threat for many offenses, including: felony harassment involving a threat to kill (see cases cited earlier in this section); threats to bomb or injure property (see State v.

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