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Indeed, it looks like Microsoft has really given up, as their last step is to make it easy for users to move to Quicken.We’re working closely with Microsoft to develop an easy way for Money users to transfer data into Quicken desktop products.Thankfully, Money's system requirements haven't changed drastically: you'll need Windows XP SP2 or later.Installation took us less than 10 minutes in our tests. For those of you who are getting it to work is it because you are using the 'Sunset' version of MM? I changed more than just the one registry item I not only changed the 'Version' but also 'W2k Version' and for good measure the 'svc Version' to 11.0.10240.0 .Do I need to uninstall program and re-install it with the OS 10 now? Maybe I'll try changing the 'svc.....' back to see if the program will still open. For those of you who are getting it to work is it because you are using the 'Sunset' version of MM?Version 17 (is the Sunset version) and the last one published by MS. And from what others have posted, it worked fine in Win8.1 'and' the earlier builds of pre-release Win10.Given the fact that it reportedly worked fine in earlier builds of Win10, I think there is at least hope that MS will fix the problem.

Ditched by Money, but Quicken Wants You I suppose that this means Intuit wins the desktop personal finance software war.

After suspending annual updates of Money Plus in 2008, Microsoft is announcing today that we will no longer offer Microsoft Money Plus for purchase after June 30, 2009.

For Money Plus Deluxe, Premium and Home & Business customers, online services expire two years after initial activation or Jan.

In the meantime, Quicken is directly targeting the Money orphans by offering up to a discount on Quicken products until the end of June: off Quicken Deluxe, off Quicken Premier and Home & Business, and off Quicken Rental Property Manager.

I finally found the 'Version' and did the "change". Also I am trying to get the MM to work after the upgrade/update to OS 10; where the program was already installed on my OS 8.1 Pro machine. The reason I changed the 'svc....' one because it too had 10240.16384 in it too.

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