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(One of these is funny; the rest are re-treads of bad blind dates we have seen in dozens of other movies.) Eventually, she meets Jake (John Cusack), a guy who's different from the losers she has been hooking up with.

Jake has the soul of a poet and the verbiage of a philosopher, and, like Sarah, he is still coming to terms with the breakup of his marriage and no longer knows how to date.

Consider these dating sites as you read about Must Love Dogs."In Must Love Dogs, Claire Cook provides the reader with a captivating, gentle heroine, her idiosyncratic family, and love interests ranging from the mundane to the profane. Must love readers.' Respondents to such an ad might include Claire Cook, whose new novel, Must Love Dogs, tells the story of a down-to-earth divorcee seeking companionship through the personals. ."- USA Today"Claire Cook's "Must Love Dogs," a book that's got more giggles than soda bread has raisins."-Hartford Courant"This utterly charming second novel by Cook (Ready to Fall) is a fun read, perfect for whiling away an afternoon on the beach."- Library Journal"In an age when whiny novels about 30-something "singletons" whose sole goal in life seems to be snagging a decent man, Must Love Dogs is a refreshing antidote. A recently divorced preschool teacher is reentering the dating scene at the behest of her large, Irish-Catholic family, who try to set her up with someone . Mix in an eccentric Boston-Irish family, a few dogs, and some questionable men, and you are swept up in a madcap romp."- Donna Cressman, Maxwell Books, De Soto, TXYou may want to consider these dating sites .

All that with great humor and the innocent insistence of puppies. if "Must Love Dogs" is any indication of her talents, readers will hope that Claire Cook will be telling breezy summer stories from the South Shore of Massachusetts for seasons to come."- The Washington Post" 'Eternally hopeful book reviewer seeks wildly witty novel on singles scene/personal ads.

Enter recently separated dad Bob Conner, Dermot Mulroney who becomes the obstacle in the path to true love.

Must Love Dogs should have been a biting and witty look at contemporary dating but unfortunately for me it just became another predictable and bland rom-com.

Her second mistake is showing up to meet her first date in more than a decade.

Now she's juggling her teaching job, her big, rollicking, interfering south-of-Boston Irish family, and more men than she knows what to do with.

This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.A 2005 light romantic comedy based on a novel written by Claire Cook.Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane), a preschool teacher in her 30s, who recently divorced.After a series of misadventures, you hope to have the ending that all movies of this genre have!Information, gossip forum, chat, messages, and online dating links regarding the movie Must Love Dogs, starring Diane Lane and John Cusack in their perfect match.

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Their first encounter doesn't go well, but each is willing to try again.

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