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Myths and facts about dating violence

For more information, please see our resources on Same Gender & LGBT Relationships. teen girls report ever experiencing physical and/or sexual IPV by a boyfriend. Even in cases where a particular mental illness may cause a person to be abusive (such as Alzheimers), the abuse is not specifically targeted at one person but to everyone around during the episode. See What Causes Relationship Abuse for more information. Domestic violence occurs in all socioeconomic of page Women of all ages are at risk for domestic and sexual violence by a male partner, and those ages 20 to 24 are at the greatest risk of experiencing nonfatal intimate partner violence. However, abusers who are severely depressed or isolated may stop caring about the consequences of their actions. Many people are poor and most people do not choose to abuse their partners.

Abusers will only change when they take full responsibility for their behavior and realize they do not have the right to control and abuse.

And, not all domestic partners can be or are married.

Fact: People who are abused by their dating or domestic partner do not stay in the relationship because they like being bullied.

Myth: My partner and I are equally abusive with each other. Truth: There can be unhealthy relationships in which there are unhealthy behaviors from both parties. Truth: Relationship abuse can happen to anyone, no matter what race, religion, income status, gender, or sexual orientation you identify with.

That doesn’t excuse either person’s behavior and it doesn’t make it okay. FACT: 1 in 3 girls who have been in a serious relationship say they've been concerned about being physically hurt by their partner.* Fear and control are never part of a truly healthy relationship. FACT: 1 in 4 teens who have been in a serious relationship say their boyfriend or girlfriend has tried to prevent them from spending time with friends or family; the same number have been pressured to only spend time with their partner.* Isolation from friends and family is a warning sign of an abusive partner.

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Most victims want to improve their relationship rather than end it.