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We recommend enabling Debugging Messages in the Shopp system log (enable and view at WP-ADMIN → Shopp → Settings → System on your Shopp site) to log how Shopp handled payment notifications that were received.

In order to prepare your Shopp installation to received PDT information, you will want to enable it on your Pay Pal account, and your Shopp Payments settings.

As a Minnesota nonprofit, we have earned exceptional trust from our partners in our ability to create, convene, collaborate and communicate across a range of local and national measure development, analytics and public reporting activities.

We understand the complexity and the potential of health care performance measurement and we deliver results that are objective, credible and meaningful.

This served to create trust, looks just like a Pay Pal login The purpose here is to get you to verify your Pay Pal account, they already have your username and password to your actual Pay Pal account on the line before, but now they want your credit card info.

This blog is the final installment of my series on integrating Pay Pal Express with Kentico CMS 8.

For two parents and two children to attend the convention, registration/lodging cost is approximately 00.

This slight loss of usability is more than compensated for by the increase in security, and besides this is how all other e-commerce sites work - the customer should be accustomed to looking at the data and determining what's wrong.

Is there a way for uc_paypal.module (and, presumably, other payment gateway modules who all store their errors in a different format) to percolate that more specific error up the stack so that uc_credit.module can display it to an end user, and they have some clue how to proceed?

I can't find that now, but let me summarize: When you log on to a computer (or a Drupal site for that matter) you are asked for a name and password. The same goes for credit card information, only more so.

And this information is not random stuff like order numbers - it's name/address/phone number data that should be excessively familiar to the customer.

That said, I support logging more detail in the watchdog to help the admin figure out what's going on.

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The response will the token in the query string so you can locate the record on your side.

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