Updating library automation

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Added migration logic to load existing configuration in SQL Compact database. This is used in the Assert-Environment Configuration.ps1 script. 2013-11-13 Version has been released which contains the following changes: Added functions documentation for lib Configuration Database.psm1 Added Get-Cluster VMResource Metering Statistics in lib Hyper VCluster.psm1 2013-11-12 Published Getting Started procedure in the Documentation section. Here's a list of notable changes: Here's what changed in this release since version Added Load Balancers Cluster Nodes table to store NLB/ARR cluster configuration. Here's an overview of the changes included in the build: -Configuration data migrated to SQL Compact database -Password protected, encrypted using AES256 using a password hashed with SHA512 - Modified Deploy-Build.ps1 and Set-Application Configuration.ps1 to get the configuration data from the database - Modified function lib Application Request Routing.psm1 that sets web front end nodes Offline/Online for an application in the load balancers - Several new functions to modify and query the configuration data: Run-SQLCompact Query Remove-Application Configuration New-Web Site Virtual Directory Configuration New-Web Site Configuration New-Web Site Binding Configuration New-Web Site Application Pool Configuration New-Environment New-Configuration Setting New-Configuration Database New-Application Deployment Target New-Application Credential Component New-Application Credential New-Application Configuration File New-Application Configuration Get-Web Site Virtual Directory Configuration Get-Web Site Configuration Get-Web Site Binding Configuration Get-Web Site Application Pool Configuration Get-Null If Empty Get-Environment Get-Configuration Setting Get-Configuration Database Connection Get-Application Deployment Target Get-Application Credential Components Get-Application Credential Get-Application Configuration File Get-Application Configuration 2013-11-05 Version has started today which includes a change from the XML configuration file to a SQL Compact database. Modified existing scripts/libraries to use SQL Compact database to fetch configuration data: Assert-Environment Configuration.ps1 Backup-Environment Configuration.ps1 Create-Application Package.ps1 Deploy-Build.ps1 Get-Environment Package Inventory.ps1 Get-Package Inventory.ps1 lib Application Request Routing.psm1 lib Assertion.psm1 Set-Application Configuration.ps1 Added new functions to delete various configuration data. 2013-11-06 Initial release available for version comprehensive and objective information surrounding the many different types of technology products and services used by libraries.It covers the organizations that develop and support library-oriented software and systems.

The 2002 through 2013 editions of this report were published by Library Journal.before doing a database upgrade) - Configuration of a database when restored in a specific environment - Restore databases from Microsoft Data Protection Manager - Create Hyper-V VMs based on a Sysprep parent VHDX - Create Active Directory users and apply configurable security templates for group memberships News 2017-02-09 Version released! Enter any comments that you wish for the project coordinators to see when approving your request, for example what role you would like to have in the project.Project Description The goal of the library is to automate common infrastructure tasks. The Global Excel Automation Power Shell library is a series of scripts and module to facilitate certain infrastructure tasks such as: - Deploy IIS web sites/applications to multiple servers - Create single application package that can be deployed in multiple environments based on a central configuration store - Validate the configuration of applications through a series of automated tests - Configure Application Request Routing servers to load balance http web sites - Efficiently provision SQL Server databases multiple times through usage of Hyper-V parent and differencing disks - Database upgrade process when going from one version to another - Create SQL Server database snapshot (i.e.

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