Whos dating tom hardy

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Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley reveal they are expecting their first child together as they arrive at the premiere of his new movie, Legend at London's Leicester Square on Thursday evening And the hype surrounding Tom's turn as high-profile criminals and identical twins Ronald and Reginald Kray was made apparent when he was mobbed as he left his central London hotel on Wednesday, the day before the world premiere in his native town.

As the story goes, Mel had got himself into a drunken bar brawl the night before his audition.That’s the dynamic we focused on, that space, which hasn’t been seen before. I don’t know if we came anywhere near the truth, because we weren’t there.Charlotte Riley and I are discussing pogonophobia when the pubic hair comparison comes up.She's a face you might recognise from Peaky Blinders, medieval TV drama World's End, lurking in the background behind Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the rather silly sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow or making a splash in the 2009 TV version of Wuthering Heights in which she starred opposite said Mr Hardy (in case you were wondering how they met). She is one of the lead roles in the BBC's much-trailed, already much-lauded new fantasy drama Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, in which she plays Arabella, married to the titular Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel to you and me; Eddie Marson plays Mr Norrell). There's also a big-screen thriller opposite our very own Gerard Butler (London Has Fallen) and Ron Howard's latest film In the Heart of the Sea. In fact Riley has travelled down to London from Liverpool today just to meet me. She's up in Liverpool filming Stephen Poliakoff's latest drama Close to the Enemy, set in the post-war years. Each contains a word, I explain, and you have to tell me the first thing that comes into your head when you read the word.Many thought Mel Gibson could never be replaced as Max Rockatansky, but that was before Tom Hardy took over the role. Here we pit the two Hollywood hunks against one another to see which star’s day is about to get lovelier. Youth vs Experience Mel Gibson first played Max Rockatansky in 1978.

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"I'm not scared of beards," she confirms once I've explained what pogonophobia is. Yeah, they're better than short and spiky because that's not good for women's delicate skin." I ask of course because Riley's better half - Tom Hardy if you didn't know - often spouts some radical facial hair in his roles (when he's not wearing a mask on his face in Batman movies).